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Licensing Issues ◊ Watercraft Transactions ◊ Maritime Claims or Injuries.

When you have a legal dispute involving the operation of watercraft on the Great Lakes, or if you are considering purchasing a boat or seeking a merchant license to sail on Lake Erie or other local waterways, you want an experienced attorney, one who knows the specialized rules that apply in admiralty and maritime matters.

At the Thom Cafferty Law Office, in Toledo, we handle a wide range of maritime and admiralty issues for clients throughout Northwest Ohio. Attorney Cafferty is a former Coast Guard officer with experience as the chief of a regional examination center and as a marine casualty investigator. He has extensive knowledge of the laws that apply to the operation of watercraft on the Great Lakes and other local waterways. Contact us to set up a free one-hour initial consultation.

Our Admiralty and Maritime Practice

We handle a broad range of issues related to the use of the waterways in Northwest Ohio, including:

  • Coast Guard Licensing Issues - We defend civilian merchant mariners whose Coast Guard licenses or MMDs are at risk from accusations of misconduct, negligence or other violations of the law in proceedings before administrative law judges. We also handle appeals of decisions by the Coast Guard, including initial license or MMD applications or upgrades.
  • Boat and Watercraft Matters - We handle a wide range of legal matters for recreational boaters as well as merchant mariners, from the purchase or sale of watercraft to the defense of alleged violations of state or federal law, including the operation of watercraft while intoxicated. What You Should Know About Boating While Intoxicated In Ohio
    See this article written by Attorney Thom Cafferty and published March 30, 2009.
  • General Maritime Claims and Defenses - We will prosecute or defend other maritime claims, including injuries (Jones Act), accidents or cargo matters.

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