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Experienced Coast Guard License Defense

If you are convicted of a crime in state court or have violated a safety regulation, your Coast Guard license may be in jeopardy. You will need an attorney who has experience defending license suspension, revocation and denials. I, attorney Thom Cafferty, can help you prepare a strong defense to keep your license.

20 Years Of Coast Guard Experience

As a former Coast Guard officer I have years of experience as the chief of a regional examination center and as a marine casualty and investigating officer. My extensive knowledge of the Coast Guard’s many rules and regulations enable me to effectively handle your Coast Guard license defense.

I offer a free, twenty-minute, initial telephone consultation for maritime matters, so I get to know you and hear about your case. I will let you know whether I can help and how I can help if we move forward. Call me directly at 419-244-0169.

Saving Your Merchant Mariner’s License

Under United States law, your license can be suspended or revoked for:

  • Violating a marine safety regulation / standards of conduct
  • Misconduct, incompetence or negligence while operating under the authority of your Coast Guard issued Merchant Mariner’s License
  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (DUI/DWI)
  • Reckless driving or a fatal driving accident
  • Violating a federal or state drug law
  • Testing positive for the use of or addiction to an illegal drug
  • Any conviction (including those not related to maritime activity) in a state court may be reviewed by the Coast Guard to determine if such a conviction would be cause to deny the renewal of your license, to deny an initial application for a license, or to take action to suspend or revoke your license between renewal periods

Work with an attorney who thoroughly understands maritime law and Coast Guard processes. Call my office to discuss your case and options.

New Coast Guard Resources Require Experienced Defense

The Coast Guard’s Suspension and Revocation National Center of Excellence provides prosecuting attorneys to help Coast Guard investigating officers throughout the suspension and revocation (S&R) process.

When facing this vast network of legal resources, you need a skilled and experienced advocate by your side. I will aggressively defend you, whether you are facing suspension, revocation or a denial of your initial or renewal application from the Regional Exam Centers or the National Maritime Center.

Your Strongest Defense

Once the Coast Guard has reason to believe that your Coast Guard license should be suspended or revoked, they will deploy investigative officers to gather evidence for a hearing.

  1. As your advocate I will investigate the charges.
  2. I will gather evidence in your defense.
  3. We will work to prepare a strong case for your S&R hearing.
  4. We will discuss strategy and your options.
  5. I will represent you at all hearings.
  6. If necessary I will represent you in any appeals.

Successful, Experienced Representation

I provide representation to mariners throughout the Great Lakes, the upper Mississippi River and the Ohio River areas. Email me at Thom Cafferty Law Office to learn how we can help you defend against license suspension, revocation or denial or call 419-244-0169 and speak with me about your issue.